Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yes, I changed my blog


don't know about it...what do you think?

It's nice and springy...

What do you think?


  1. I like the color! Very cool to the eyes. :)

  2. I like it. The other one was cool, but Hugh holding that heart... creepy.

  3. I think my browser is messing it up. Using Google Chrome, the sidebars are all off. Colors are pretty..going to look in IE...brb... *boring music plays*

  4. Did I break something? I'm in IE...sidebars still off. ??? Recent Comments looks like Recen Comm .

  5. I like it a lot! And I'm glad you still have Hugh there in the sidebar - I like him a lot too! :)

  6. I like it and yes, it's nice and springy.

    Have a great day. :)

  7. Liza - Thanks!

    Shae - Hugh has my heart... ;-)

    Rene - The sidebars look fine to me. It may be that my design is not compatible with anything other than firefox.

    Lidian - I think I'll always have Hugh somewhere. :-)

    Sandee - Thank you! That's what I was thinking when I changed it.


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