Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sons of Anarchy


s anybody else watching this show? (On FX Wednesdays at 10pm EST) It gets better every week.

I originally watched it because I like Ron Perlman. I really didn't think I'd be that into it. But it's like Sopranos for bikers.

Every week they have some new storyline that just comes out of the blue and I'm like "DAYUM! I love this show!"

This week, the ATF agents came to try to prove that the Sons are more than a Biker Club (They are. They are also gun runners for the IRA.)

So Jackson (the 2nd in command after Perlman's character, Clay) hid all of the illegal guns in a honey wagon. (I think that's what they call the tanker trucks full of fecal matter?)

Then, the girl that Clay had slept with last week showed up in town. Clay is married to Gemma.

Gemma went off and slapped the fuck out of the girl with a skateboard.

Seriously. If you aren't watching this show, you need to. I mean, if you're into violence and sex and illegal activities. Who isn't?? ;-)

You can watch full episodes on their website if you haven't been watching.

Love it. This is definitely filling the void until Breaking Bad comes back on!

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