Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Carol, your blog rocks!!!


ince everyone else in the world is giving out the same 4 or 5 blog awards that are being passed around like the common cold, I decided to create one of my own.

You know how sometimes a blog has one good post, so you bookmark it. Then they either disappear off the face of the earth, or every post since the one that initially caught your attention has sucked?

Well, this is for the blogs that caught my attention and kept it ever since.

No, this is not something you can give to other blogs. Make your own award. I don't want this to be a spam/meme/passitonordie type of award.

. I'm sure you have plenty of other awards in your Blog Trophy Chest to give out, so leave this one alone unless you receive it.

I'll try to do it every week, or whenever I remember.

The very first recipient of the "Your blog rocks" award is Carol. She has 2 blogs: Bass-ically Speaking and She Lives.

I originally started reading She Lives. It took me a while to realize that Carol is one funny woman! Most of her posts literally make me laugh out loud. Her blogs are a daily "Must Read"!

Now, just because you didn't get the award this time doesn't mean that you won't in the future. Chances are, if you appear in my "High Five Friday" posts more than once, you'll get one. So don't bug me! :-)


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