Friday, August 29, 2008

I just had the strangest dream!


o I have to take Evan to the doctor for a check up on his fractured hand at 2.

As I said (maybe) before, this new Ultram ER (or whatever) that the doctor gave me for my arthritis seems to make me sleepy all day.

I fell asleep while watching the CSI marathon on Spike TV. The dream was so real that for a minute I thought it was true. Until the strange things started happening...

I was asleep and I didn't wake up until I heard the bus at 3:30 pm. So I jump up and run to the bathroom thinking "OMG! We're 90 minutes late and it's Friday. They might not even be there!"

While I'm in the bathroom, Evan comes in with his 2 cousins (11 yo & 5 yo), a girl I haven't seen since she was 7 (the girl that used to be beautiful and grew up to be unfortunate looking) and 2 other young kids that I don't even know.

They all crowd in to the bathroom while I'm sitting on the toilet with my panties around my ankles.

So I started screaming "EVAN! GET THEM OUT OF HERE! I'm on the toilet and we're late for the doctor!" (for some reason, we had no door on the bathroom).

Evan wasn't listening, neither were the other kids.

So I started pushing them out of the bathroom and screaming for my cousin who watches his nephews (11 & 5) while his sister is at work. He comes up and grabs 11 & 5 while I'm still pushing all of the other kids out of the bathroom (not very gently, either.) Finally I grabbed the girl who used to be beautiful and pulled her across my lap. I said "You know I love you, right? But I have to take Evan to the doctor so you'll have to come back some other time." She nodded. I gave her a kiss on the forehead and pushed her out more gently I had the other kids.

Then I woke up and looked at the clock. 11:58am, Thank Jaysus.


I've noticed that whenever I have retarded dreams about the bathroom, I wake up feeling like my bladder is about to burst.

I guess the crazy dreams are my body's way of saying "I have to urinate urgently, wake up you slothful whore!"


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