Sunday, July 06, 2008

I might have been a little pissy...


was reciprocating on the people who had already dropped on me.

I saw at least 3 blogs that didn't even have an Entrecard.


It pisses me off. Especially when the frakkin blog is in a different language THAT I CAN'T UNDERSTAND. I'm not going to try and translate your blog, you idiot. Especially if you don't have one of the Google Translator widgets on your blog. (DUR!)

Then I got to Imh's World and saw this (click on the photos to enlarge them):

So I left a comment:

Yes, I realize that it can be construed as "pissy". But I'm sick of people who don't take the effing time to LOOK AT THEIR OWN BLOG after they post something to see if it can actually be read.

Here's something you may not know: BLOGGERS ARE LAZY.

If I have to translate your blog or highlight all the text to be able to read your blog, or search for whatever is playing that horrible funereal hymn, I am LEAVING.

I will not comment. I will not find out if your blog is a place I'd like to visit again.

If you can't fix it yourself, HIRE SOMEONE TO DO IT.

Jaysus, Merry and Joseff.

(Can you tell that I'm PMSing?)

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**Update - 11:14 PM**

"Not a idiot" (her phrasing, not mine) replied to my post. I went back to "Not a idiot"'s blog. Click to enlarge the photo.

The end.

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