Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yo Face!


ou know how sometimes someone says something to you and it just strikes you as hilariously funny? Maybe you're tired, maybe you're drunk, maybe you just need a good laugh...whatever.

The other day, Evan came home from school and responded to my telling him to check the mail with "Go check Yo Face!"

It cracked me the eff up! Not because it was all that funny, but because it was so...ridiculous.

How do you respond to that? Literally? Are you saying that I need to go look in the mirror? Something's on my face?

Anyway, as with anything that cracks me up the first time he does it, Evan has been using the phrase TO DEATH ever since. I grow weary of it. But it still makes me giggle every once in a while.

Here are some examples of how it's used:

Me - You need to brush your teeth.
Evan - You need to brush Yo Face!

Me - Turn off the TV.
Evan - Turn off Yo Face!

Me - You'd better eat those vegetables.
Evan - You'd better eat Yo Face!

See what I mean? Ludicrous, but kind of funny if used the right way.


I wish he'd learn that the same joke told 1,000,000,093 times stops being funny after about time #342...

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