Thursday, May 29, 2008

No new stove...yet


ut I am getting a new bathroom as I type.


I might have to go to MD's house if this noise keeps up.


I was going to record the drilling. It sounds like...I don't even know how to describe it. But it feels like the whole house is shaking. It's like an airplane is taking off. Yeah, that's it.

Anyway, I was supposed to get a new stove on Monday, but someone in another apartment set their kitchen on fire, so they had to give that whore the new stove.

Today he was supposed to replace the one cabinet and maybe the kitchen sink. But when he ripped off the cabinet, he saw enough water damage from the years that the toilet leaked (without my knowledge, it leaked into the wall) that he felt a new bathroom floor was a more emergent need. I agree. I don't want to be sitting on the terlet and fall through the floor.

Can you imagine that 911 call:

911 - May I help you?
Evan - My mommy fell through the bathroom floor from upstairs and landed in the kitchen sink!
Me - *Screaming from the kitchen* I told you NOT to call 911 until you'd wiped my ass and pulled up my panties! I don't want strangers looking at my vajayjay!!!
911 - Is she conscious?
Me - *still screaming* Don't give the address until I'm covered from the waist down! Get me a Lortab, my back is killing me!!
Evan - Yes. She doesn't want me to tell you where we live until she has on some panties. But I'm not wiping her butt. That's gross.
Me - I wiped your butt for years, boy! You can wipe my ass once!


Of course the bastard won't drill now. But I did see him carrying out my old bathroom floor. It's really not that old. I do wonder what the new linoleum & vanity will look like, though...

Wheeeee! He did it!


The drilling is upstairs. Evan keeps running downstairs to tell me how strange it all looks, LOL.

The end.

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