Friday, May 23, 2008

Grey's Anatomy Season Finale


as there anyone who wasn't getting some last night? LOL.

I liked it, though. Even though frigging Shonda made me tear up. Like when the girl (who was on House, MD and found out that she was married to her brother) just told Meredith & McDreamy (I can't remember his character's name) not to say anything.


I liked when the chief backed Christina up. Hahn is a bitch!!!! Why is she so threatened by Christina?

I liked when George told the Chief that he deserved a second chance.

I liked the Meredith finally figured out that she wanted Derek (I just remembered) back. That whole house plan with the candles was cute. :-)

What else?

I hope I don't ever have to see Ava again. She's quite irritating. I'm glad Kurev (sp?) realized that she needed more help than he could give her.

I don't even remember everything.

But I was all up in it, LOL.

Loved it!

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