Monday, December 30, 2013

TYM & the TV

Feeling Some Type of Way


oday is my son's 18th birthday. We spent the first 2 hours at the Urgent Care Center because my PCP is out of the office until Thursday.

I have... some kind of 'itis' that causes my uvula to hang down low & on the back on my tongue so I either have to lay down or hold my head back constantly.

I gave TYM the 26" plasma TV so he can play his damned video games & watch New Orleans Saints Football UPSTAIRS.

So we go to Wal-Mart to get my prescriptions & some HDMI cables so that I can get the true "HIGH DEF" experience".

I had taken a breathing treatment @ the UCC so I was feeling DROWSY which is the exact OPPOSITE of what Albuterol does to a normal person. Google it. YAY for MS! (sarcasm)

We get home, the computer starts ringing immediately. It's Mommy Dearest. First she sings "The Birthday song" to Evan & then tells him that my oldest nephew (Coincidentally named the same as My BFFs oldest son) & his wife are visiting & wants to know if TYM is coming over. He said "After I eat these burgers." (6 [SIX] Dollar Menu Burgers).

I said to TYM "Whatever, I'm REALLY SLEEPY so I'll probably just take a nap anyway even though I would LIKE to be able to listen to a DVD whilst I slumber, but GO. Don't worry about me even though I'm sick & might choke on my uvula & you won't be here to dial 911. It's your birthday. Go, have fun!" (This was said sarcastically because IDGAS what he was gonna do, I was gonna SLEEP!)

3.5 hrs AFTER Evan left to go to Nana's. I wake up & decide to hook the damned HDMI cables up myself. I tried the HDMI port on the side & the TV tells me I have to do something blah blah, whatever, I was doing the pee pee dance by then.

So, I go to piss.

While I'm upstairs, Evan gets home & IMMEDIATELY says "I'm going to see if the cousins want my old TV."
Me - Fine

He leaves.

I had to move a fucking lamp so I could SEE & I had to move the fucking GINORMOUS 39" TV 45° to the right. I find 2 more Ports for the cable in back center of the TV, so I had to tilt the TV FORWARD while putting the cable into the TV.

All that exertion made my back hurt MORE that it has been hurting since my Aunt's funeral & the TV wouldn't fit back in the stand properly.

So, I lean it BACK against the wall, sit on the stair landing & bang about 20 times on the wall between my apt & my cousin's apt.

Evan comes over
He- *exasperated* WHAT????
Me - You need to put the TV back on the stand.
He *while easily lifting the geedee behemoth* I think you broke the stand, but the TV is stable for now. Just don't bump it.
Me - *glaring* (HE's the motherfucker who ALWAYS bumps into the stand by running through the living room or trying to juke around the corner to get up the stairs really fast.)

I start walking towards the bed cuz my med alarm is about to go off.

He - Do you want me to hook this up too?
Me - Hook WHAT up? (because I wasn't looking at him when he asked the question.)
He - The BLU-Ray player.
Me - Yes, but just hook it up to the port on the side.
He - That's what I was going to do, mother.
Me - Good. Make sure - *This motherfucker holds up his hand like "Bitch, STFU & let me do this, I'm THE MAN"*
Me - *Serious Mom Tone* EVAN make sure you hold the top of the TV steady while you're plugging the port in.
He - That's what I was GOING to do.
Me - *loud, but NOT yelling* Well, I didn't KNOW that because I'm NOT IN YOUR FUCKING HEAD so I wanted to tell you 'just in case' so you wouldn't break the fucking TV I just paid $400 for yesterday! And YES I've taken my Xanax today!
He - *silence*
Me - Put a DVD in the Blu Ray so I can find which input channel it is.
He - *Does it* Then starts walking towards the PC.
Me - I'm getting on the computer now, but you can watch a Blu Ray if you want to.
He - *pissed off "God I hate this bitch" look"* No, I'm going to go upstairs to (I didn't CARE so I didn't listen).

You know, my sister told me that whenever her late husband was going out of town they'd ALWAYS get into a big fight & she'd be feeling "I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU TO LEAVE!" & She thinks it was to subconsciously make it easier for him to leave & for her to not miss him so much.

So maybe Evan & I are doing the same thing because he's PISSING ME THE FUCK OFF MORE OFTEN THESE DAYS and I know he's GETTING THE BOOT FROM MY MOTHERFUCKING HOUSE after he graduates. After he graduates, he stops getting the SSI check from me so I will have no $$ to feed him & no WAY I can afford him on my car insurance.

I don't know where he's gonna go, but he's getting the fuck up out of here!

He did say EARLIER today that he IS going to a 4 year college & he is getting student loans/PELL Grants/whatever to pay for it. I suggested he look for a work/study thing in addition to any scholarships he may get.

I also "suggested" to him that since 1) The University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa is listed as the #5 BEST UNIVERSITY IN THE COUNTRY, his Godmother & I would be VERY PLEASED if he went there & that he'd probably get to see her A LOT because she goes to A LOT of Bama games during football season. 2) In-State college tuition is cheaper.

I was not PRESSURING him to go to the same College I went to, I was merely "Putting it out there". That is all.

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