Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thanks Katherine!


o, with yesterday being TYM's birthday, we were both surprised when my landlord (& next door neighbor) saw us coming home from my other home (Wal-fucking-mart) to give me a package from Amazon.

She - The UPS guy was here & he read your sign on your door.

Have I told you that I'm anti-social?

So he asked her what he should do. (Note that on the posted sign, UPS Employees are AMONG the people who can knock without incurring my wrath...RME...Dumbass MALE probably didn't READ the sign, he just saw the "DO NOT KNOCK" part.)

She - You can take your chances or you can leave it with me.

So, with it being Evan's B Day, I assumed my sister had sent him something. He opened the box & it contained a webcam & this shirt:

Evan - Um...this wasn't on MY wishlist. Then he read the slip in the box & said "Oh, it's from 'The Other Evan's Mom'.
This was my reaction:

Look at the note:


In the last few weeks I have changed my Anti-Depressant (Which hasn't had time to "kick in"), had my favorite Aunt die UNEXPECTEDLY, cussed the shit out of My Evan, got Uvulitis, MY OWN MOTHER didn't even call me ON MY BIRTHDAY (Which is why I firmly believe that FAMILY is who you make it!) & more shit I don't remember or care to explain.

Then Katherine, with ALL THE SHIT SHE TOO IS DEALING WITH, takes the time to send me a gift.

Just because.

She loves me.

And right now the bitch has me crying again out of an overwhelming 'some type of way' emotion.

I can't thank you enough, Katherine. You didn't have to do this, but you did. Because YOU are awesome & WE have the same mother & WE both gave birth to Evans who are only still alive because we don't want to go to prison. (If you've never been a mother to a teenager, you DO NOT UNDERSTAND!)

I love you too, Kit Kat. And you KNOW this!

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