Monday, September 26, 2011

10 Signs that you need a new anti-depressant

Feeling PISSY

  1. You use the word "FUCK" 100 times more than usual

  2. Everybody gets on your nerves

  3. Everyone suddenly seems more stupid than usual

  4. You become more of a Hater than usual

  5. Commercials make you freak the fuck out

  6. It pisses you off that they advertise shows 1 month in advance of the premier

  7. You can't wait for 12/21/11 & hope the Mayans were right

  8. You wish you could afford boarding school for your child

  9. You KNOW it's PMS but you're still bitchy to everyone

  10. You buy actual cigarettes instead of using your electronic ones because you FUCKING FEEL LIKE IT!

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