Saturday, May 07, 2011

You have no idea how fast you

Feeling Surprised


ctually lose muscle tone unless you are forced (by circumstance of disease) stay in the gee dee bed all gee dee day for an effing month.

I found out yesterday.

I actually can't remember when all this shit happened. I tried to go through my blog history & find out but DUR, I was off the pc for about a month after I first fell, so I have no idea.

I'll guess around the 15th of March?

Whatever. What was I saying?

Ok, yesterday we went to get Evan's "Driving Laws" book or whatever so that he can study & get his permit. It's about 30 miles away one way. So I called MD Thursday night to ask if she wanted to go because I had said last month I'd get her something from that town.

Anyway, whenever I plan to go anywhere with MD, it NEVER FAILS that I a) Feel like shit the next day or 2) Don't sleep at all. So I didn't sleep at all. I didn't care.

Egg Crate Mattress TopperI lost last month's (March) meds because I took all the shit off my bed to wash not only the sheets but the egg crate thingees that I have on there. Anyway, I just pulled all the shit off instead of moving the stuff in an orderly (logical) way because I was tired. So I haven't had my xanax since I lost it. (Which is probably why I can't fucking sleep) I did have my Anti depressant (YAY!) because I switched from the effed up one (the one that, IMO, caused my current exacerbation) to my usual one this month again.


After having no sleep for at least 24 hours, I drove 30 miles.

Then we went to Unclaimed Baggage and I swear to God I had to rest every 15 steps or whatever. I mean, I knew I was having trouble getting up the stairs but that could be because my damned "normal" knee is fucked up now & I can't straighten it all the way.

Whatever. The good news us that I found some eyeglass frames for $5 so after paying Wal-mart for a new prescription I can get them to put the new prescription in the new (to me) frames for about $20 instead of spending $200+ to buy all new glasses that I'll have forever.

Seriously, if I hadn't knocked the nose guards off these glasses falling down the damned stairs I probably wouldn't get my eyes checked. I've had these glasses since 2004. I really don't think my eyes have changed that much...

Whatever. I was so tired by the time we left UB that I didn't even care when Mommy Dearest suggested we go to eat @ Western Sizzlin.

So we went there, where I proceeded to get all the way back to the table before dropping my tartar sauce (which is the only thing I could carry & still move my walker). Evan had already followed me along the hot bar, gotten my plate & taken it back to the table by then. Our waitress volunteered to go get me some more. She filled up an entire dessert bowl with tartar sauce?? Mkay...

Then we went to Wal-Mart in that town because it's cheaper. Unfortunately, I forgot about last week's tornadoes in that town which apparently caused everyone to go shopping for charity (or whatever) & Wal-Mart had half the food & shit they normally have. I mean, it's still plenty for US, but it just looked so bare.

Blah blah.

Then we drove home (another 30 miles) and I borrowed some xanax from MD.

I took one dose, which knocked me the eff out. I woke up @ 6 pm.

Don't remember when I fell asleep again, woke up @ 3 am, Evan came downstairs to get on the computer & show me his new headphones @ 3:30 am. He (apparently) traded with that boy (the one that traded Evan the bike & then traded it again to get the bike back & ended up giving Evan a lava lamp & a video camera for the damned bike that he originally traded to Evan the 1st time) again and he ended up with a 30 lb weight & some good ass headphones. I mean, they sound great on the iPod. Unfortunately, we can't tell what brand they are. :-(.

So, yeah. After listening to a few songs on the iPod I fell asleep again & woke up @ 9 am this morning.


As long as I can stay up til at least 9 pm today, I should be able to get to sleep tonight & all NIGHTS until Wednesday when I can finally order some more xanax from the pharmacy & build up a tolerance to it again, LOL.

That is ALL!


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