Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vote for my Blogging Buddy Please!

Feeling Normal



Because I asked so nicely. :-)

Thank you!

1) Click the link:

2) Select "SHAE"


Here's the story from the website Those Girls are Wild

Hello Ladies,
Shae, I live in the metro Atlanta. My daughter’s hair is a frizzy, tangled, dry mess! I have tried oils, sheen, hair grease, blow drying, setting lotion, and hot combing her hair. I even used half a bottle of conditioner on her hair one day to no avail. I need Mixed Chicks hair products like YESTERDAY. She asked if she could wear her hair down for her Kindergarten photo but that’s a negative. For the sake of my baby’s sanity, we need Mixed Chicks so my child can be the poster child for happy, healthy hair.

Apparently Shae will win some hair care products for her child if she gets the most votes. As a former black child, I KNOW how painful it is to have your hair done sometimes. (So glad I have a boy, cuz I BET he would have had "nappy" hair had he been a girl, LOL.)

Vote for Shae & help a child grow up not hating getting her hair did.


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