Saturday, February 19, 2011

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've been smoking the e-cig for 8 days now. The only thing that irritated me was when the battery died and I had to wait for what seemed like 4 hours before it was fully charged & I could smoke again.

So I decided to get another sample e-cig from a different brand (Prado). I wondered if they were all the same configuration and I found out that NO, they aren't all the same. My original e-cig is the M401 model, so I googled for other M401 model e-cigs & found Prado.

The original e-cig sample I bought was $3.95 (or something, I just paid S&H) and the Prado was $9.95 & it came with less stuff.

Direct E-CigE-cig came with 10 cartridges (with the nicotine) and a USB charger that you can plug into your computer or your regular wall outlet.

For MORE MONEY, the Prado came with only 5 cartridges and a USB charger that can only be plugged into your computer or, if you are like me and have an ipod adapter in your cigarette lighter in your car, you can plug it in there.

I wanted 2 e-cigs so I could smoke one & charge the other.

I have no idea why I started writing this, but I wanted to say that Prado tastes much better than the other e-cig. Before I ordered the Prado, I ordered some nicotine from the original e-cig company. It's "Marlboro flavored menthol". Since I was smoking cigars & not cigarettes, nothing was going to taste the same as that.

But anyway, the Prado tastes more like spearmint mint to me & not menthol.


Prado E-CigI think they also offer chocolate & other flavors? I don't know. But since I know I like the taste of the prado better, I can just buy cartridges from them & use them on either cig thingee.

After I finish using all the Mboro Liquid I bought.


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