Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Feeling Irritated


uess what happened to me today.

So I was driving to the doctor because I changed my Medicare Part D prescription plan and I need new prescriptions & refills from Wal-Mart.

I had thought that they would have salted the fucking roads yesterday.

But NO.

So I'm driving to the doc trying to stay on the clear part of the lanes. Hit a big patch of slush and just started turning. I did a 360. I did try to turn my wheel to the right because the drop off on the left would have totaled my piece of shit. So I just ended up in a ditch.

I think I'm at about a 75 degree angle facing downhill in this picture. The only reason I didn't break my fucking nose on the steering wheel is because I was wearing my seatbelt and it locked up. (YAY!)

So some people saw me & called the cops. The cop called a wrecker. I called my mother to get my uncle's number for his recommended body shop and had my car towed there. Hopefully it's just the "tie rod" (with these southern accents I'm never sure what ppl say).

Someone needs to send me some milk & some Oriental flavored ramen for Evan to eat because I have no effing idea when I'll get my car back.

But on the positive side, I am perfectly fine. I was wearing a thermacare heatwrap on my back on my way to the doc so I stayed nice & warm, LOL. I did call the doctor & ask if they could just call Wal-mart & have my prescriptions there for me. I just wasn't able to get my damned steroid shot. :-(

The officer who drove me home was a silver fox. SERIOUSLY. I think I jizzed in my pants. But then he started talking about his fucking WIFE. :-(

But he was nice. Offered me his arm when I was walking on the road & when he brought me back home. Too bad he's married. *sigh*

Today was an eventful day.

I could have done without all the excitement. I'm glad I was medicated BEFORE I drove or I might have had another panic attack.

It could have been worse, though. Since it wasn't, I owe a big Thank You to Baby Jesus. :-)

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