Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I broke my ashtray :-(

Feeling Sad


ou know, the one that Evan & I made? The one I bought because I thought it would be unbreakable?


The Boy asked me to toss him a bottle of water.

He KNOWS I can't throw. Seriously. I throw like a 3 year old girl these days.

Angelika's AshtrayAnyway, the water landed on my ashtray and broke a big hole out of it.


I duct taped the hole back in, but it won't work forever, y'know?

I went back to The Dollar Tree to look for some more dog bowls (I was going to get a couple, just in case) but they only had cat bowls which are smaller. *sigh*

You would think that it wouldn't matter because I always dump my ashes into the garbage when I'm ready to light a new cigarette because I'm so clumsy I end up with ashes all over me all de time, so a smaller ashtray shouldn't matter.

I just didn't like those tiny cat bowls. They were like the size of a soda can with an extra .5 inches.

Whatever, man.

I was going to tell you something else, but I forgot, but I just now remembered.

Evan's birthday was 12/30. He's 15 now. !!!!!!!!!!

I took him out for Chinese food.

While I was standing at the buffet he was standing beside me and I said "Do you want me to put some shrimp on your plate?" because I thought that's what he was waiting for.

Evan - *jokingly* I can do it myself you know, I'm not FIVE!


Yesterday my mother came over and remarked how good the colors look on my TV. I said "Yes, Evan fixed it."

MD - See, he's got that LASTNAME brain like you and your brother. Y'all used to take stuff apart and put it back together and fix anything. Just like your dad. You need to let him do more things.

Me - It is hard for me to make the transition from having my baby boy who needed me to do things for him to this 15 year old who only lets me do shit for him because he's feeling lazy or he doesn't want to hear my mouth. I shall try to let him do more crap on his own.


I think that's all.

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