Monday, December 06, 2010

Yes, I have managed to stay awake

Feeling Caffeinated

It is 21 hours & 24 minutes.

I took ONE Excedrin Migraine with caffeine @ 3:30, so I hope I am able to stay awake until at least 10 tonight.


I went & paid my electric bill IN PERSON.
Paid my cable bill IN PERSON & dropped off some canned food so I got 2 $.01 OnDemand movies. Wheeeeeeee.
Went & shopped for sponges.


My hips already hurt.

Did I tell you this?

Hips, knees, back. All hurting.

Anyway, I was walking like a drunk bitch. I'm so lucky I didn't fall.

While I was driving I kept seeing shadows in the back seat. Freaking me out.

I narrowly avoided clipping some woman's car when I decided at the last minute to switch lanes and my blinkers don't work (another reason I'll be driving MD's car.) Around here I just roll down the window & do the hand signals, but half the fuckers here don't use blinkers anyway so I don't draw particular attention by turning without signaling. But in the city I will need blinkers & shit.

What else?

U don't remenber.

My hips hurt so bad.

Did I tell you the other day I woke up and my legs were up like I was getting a pap smear?


In my fucking sleep I'm spreading and opening wide? I wonder what I was dreaming about, LOL. Either having sex or having a baby, I guess.

Cat sent me an x-mas card. Wheeeeeeeeeee! I'd totally forgotten about Christmas cards until today. HA!

But I did get some snazzy new address labels from my insurance company, and I still have 30014 Forever Stamps. I just have to get some cards from Mommy Dearest so I can send them out.


Yeah. I'm going to play Cityville.


When you're trying to spell a word that you can't remember how to spell do you spell it phonetically?

Like I cound't remember how to spell caffeinated, so I said caff-eI-nated because I always forget howw tospell caffeine.

OMG. I started this post an hour & 8 minutes ago. I shit you not.

Evan came home. I talkied him to death. called my mother and talked her to death. I can't even remember all the shit I've done but it's like I'm on crack or soething.

Have I told you that when I was driving I kept seeing shadows in the back seat?

This is like a bad acid trip. Not that I've ever taken acid, I just imagine.

But that one time I had the bad weed I was freaking the fuck out because I was afraid I was going to break my bones because they felt soft. Hard shit felt malleable. Like...a plastic spatula.

So weird.

I can never remeber how to spell weid eithr. It looks wrong. It should be i before e, right?

Anerican English rules are FUCKED UP! No wonder people say this is the hardest language to learn.

Seriousy, I have to go play Cityville.

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ♥♥♥♥

I am gping to record a video now.

Because ths is insane.

And I can't spell anymore, but I don' feel like correcting my mistakes. Usually I'm verry anal about that shit.

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