Monday, December 06, 2010

Family Members - 12/6/10

Feeling Irritated


have to drive 90 minutes for Evan's surgery tomorrow.

My mom can't take us because she has an inner ear infection & my car overheats after 15 minutes (No, it's not the radiator. The "mechanic" we use says his car does the same thing and he doesn't know what it is. Don't ask...)

I asked my cousin LAST WEEK if she could drive us & I'd pay her. She has to work all this week (She finally got a damned job) so I asked her to ask her baby daddy if he would drive because of my knees & back & insomnia & shit. I texted BOTH of them and told them I'd pay for their time and their gas.

No reply.

Fuck those non working motherfuckers. I'll use Mommy Dearest's car & drive my damned self! That's what map quest is for. Why can't people just say "No"? I can!

I'm going to try to stay up all day today & take 2 sleeping pills tonight @ 8. I hope I sleep at least 4 fucking hours. Maybe I should wait until 10?

But when I do take a sleeping pill it usually takes 4-6 hours before I get sleepy, so that's why I want to take it so early. Watch me fall asleep in 15 minutes but wake up after 2 hours because I have to tee tee.


Bye Bye TikiAnyway, Mommy Dearest has had enough of Tiki. She rips everything up. (Probably because My Mother doesn't walk her or give her any freaking attention. Whatever.)

I still thinks she needs a man or a dog or something to keep her getting out of bed in the morning. She keeps saying she's depressed, but she doesn't talk to her doctor about it?!?!

Whatever, man. I'm going to go clean the oven.

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