Saturday, December 04, 2010


Is Evan Mad?Feeling Amused


ay #3509 to irritate Evan: Interrupt him every 5-10 minutes, whatever he's doing, just to shoot him with my finger guns. LMFAO! Who'd have thought that would piss him off so bad? I think he has PMS. :-)

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  1. Hey let me do it -
    "Bang Bang Joe Lieberman !!!! You're a Lie"

    do you think the people at walmart would join in the holiday fun ? we could paste sayrah payem to his chest to make sure we had an adequate target area since we already know he's a ball-less pussyhead. (heyyyy did I just invent a new cussword, damn I'm impressed with myself today)

    hmmm a ballless pussy head would make him a clit right ? or would that be an actual Cunt ?
    sorry - you sort em out and I'll fuck em up.

    Moseltof - it's Hanukkah


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