Sunday, December 12, 2010


Feeling Happy


e usually do the laundry @ 3ish on Sunday. (3ish on Monday if I feel like shit Sunday & can't convince MD to do Evan's laundry, LOL.)

It's snowing, Angelika!Today it was snowing @ noon so we went to do it early. I mean, I expected it to melt or stop snowing immediately because this is the south and we rarely get more than 1 inch that sticks. But I really wanted to take a nap RIGHT THEN and I knew if I didn't go then I wouldn't go at all.

Anyway, we did the laundry. I fell asleep twice in the car while we were waiting for it to wash & dry the stuff. Evan kept waking me up.

Me - WHY do you insist on waking me up?
E - Because you're driving.
Me - I'm not driving NOW. Worry about me falling asleep with I'm actually driving on the actual road!

Still Snowing, AngelikaCame home, TOOK A NAP *gasp* and when I woke up, Evan was upstairs but there was a note on the remote saying "There's no school tomorrow."

And there isn't.

It's still sticking.

Wind is blowing like crazy.

It's like a real, proper snow storm going on.


The pictures are from noon. Now it's too dark for me to take pics with my crappy cell phone, you'll just have to trust me that it's, like, sticking and shit. But you can see more here on my local news station's website. :-)

No idea why I'm so excited. Normally if ANYTHING closes school down I'm pissed the eff off, LOL.

Must be my new med regime, LOL.


So when we went to the laundromat (that has one handicapped parking space) I noticed a red car parked there & 2 Mexican dudes talking right beside it. I rolled down my window

Me - Excuse me, do you have a handicapped tag or placard?
Dudes - *speaking Spanish*
Me - Whatever, you need to move your car now.

And they did.

And I didn't get mad when they started talking and laughing in Spanish even though I recognized the words "chica" & "loca", so I assume they were calling me a crazy girl.

I don't care, LOL.

They moved and I got to park in MY parking space. :-)

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