Thursday, December 09, 2010

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Feeling Relaxed


o, you all know that I have had a pretty shitty 14 days.

If you've been reading...

Anyway, I am in physical agony. But I just spent all that money for the tv that I hate so we are on Ramen noodles and PB&J rations.

With the life I live (& have lived) I have had turrible times and I've had the best fucking times ever.

Today was one of those with both of them rolled up in one 24 hour period.

Ok, so I've lived in this area since I was a teenager, right? EVERY.SINGLE.TIME Evan and I go to Wal-mart, we see this man.

I called him Homeless Dog Man. Evan said the kids in his school call him "Pennsylvania" Walking Bum (I don't remember what he said. I just know that we both recognize the guy and we never discussed what we call him. It was always just "There's the guy".

homeless man and dogThis picture is not of "our dog & dude" just so ya know.

Anyway, Evan went to school today and I planned to do as much house cleaning as I could. I'd actually been cleaning the kitchen. You know, stove, oven, cooktop, yada yada.

I would work for about 15 minutes and then rest for minutes. I really hoped that after all the driving I had to do today, I would really get some sleep if I also did as much physical activity and I could. Makes sense, right? For a normal person, LOL.

So I stayed up all night, against my will. I had the ringer on in case anyone called about wanting Tiki.

Later on in the day I saw my cousin (the non "no" sayer) outside, so I hobbled out as quickly as I could and asked her if she could take me to Wal-Mart because I needed some milk and I was afraid to drive since I haven't really slept in 3 days, although really I think it's more like 2 weeks. (God I get on my nerves when I complain.)
She said yes and I get in her VAN. (Do you know how long it's been since I climbed into a van when it wasn't life or death? That shit's just BEGGING for a fall.

Happy Happy Joy JoyEntyway

We get to Wally World
Me - Look! It's dog man!
She - LOL
Me - *Rolling down the window & yelling* "Dog Man!"

He looked around but he didn't see me.

I did it again and so did he.

Finally, I yelled "Hey Dog Man!" and waved. He saw me and came over.

I conveniently happened to have one of those Tiki Dog Fliers with me!!!!!!

Doods, I can't remember shit. How the hell did I just happen to take one of those fliers with me when we were NOT in My Car and I really wasn't thinking about Tiki???

Anyway, I held it up:

Me- Hi. I have a dog, she's a puppy, really. But I'm disabled so I can't take care of her the way she needs to be. I have been trying to put up these fliers all over the place. Do you know of anyone who could help?
Dogman - *taking the flier from my hand* You know, just because you did this I'm going to give you a telephone #.

He dug through all of his pockets and finally brought out a piece of paper with numbers on it.

Dogman - This number here is for a guy who runs an agency in the next town that way. They don't kill dogs. They keep them well past that 2 week thing that most pounds do. He will not stop until he finds that dog a home.

Angelika's horruble handwritingI asked him the man's name and he told me. I wrote it down on this sheet of paper, which happens to be the back of the actual Tiki dog flyer. (Blurred for our privacy, of course).

"Dogman" said that the reason he was giving me his numbers was in case dude at the place has trouble finding him, or if anything goes wrong, I give him a call. He told me what hours to call.

"Dogman" Did not smell. I thought he would just from the way he looks, you know?
"Dogman" is not unemployed or homeless.
"Dogman" has a sense of humor
"Dogman" is my newest friend.

Today I learned that I'm not as antisocial and apathetic as I though.

Today I learned that Dogman that I always assumed was a homeless bum holding up the "Will work for food" signs because he fell on hard circumstances.

Today I learned "The Dogman's" real name. I will use it every time I see him. From now on, when we're driving to Wal-mart, I will say "(actual name) instead of Dogman.

I did have to put it in my phone as Dogman Realname though, LOL. Otherwise I'd wonder who the eff that was and why he was in my contacts.

I KNOW you've got something to say about this shit.

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