Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today - 11/10/10

Feeling Normal


have been awake since 2 pm Tuesday. It's 3:54 pm Wednesday.

Part of it is because I was going out to lunch with my mother today, so I took my Excedrin Migraine (with caffeine) so I wouldn't fall asleep on her. Hopefully, when I finally do fall asleep, I'll actually sleep for a decent amount of time and not just 2 hours.

Here's a video I made while waiting for Mommy Dearest to show up.

I am so hyper, man. I didn't even talk about what I intended to talk about when I started the video.

MD was cussing at me the entire time we were out until she just left with Evan 2 minutes ago because I was talking and I would interrupt myself to change the subject and say something else and then go back to what I was saying in the first place. (Editor's Note: This is what made me laugh a few times during the following videos, because I realized that I was interrupting myself again, LOL.)

I think this is how tweakers act? I don't know. I've only known one Crystal Meth user (to my knowledge) and he would just walk for 10 miles & then call his sister for a ride home when he came down...

I'm not walking, I'm just talking. Or typing.


Are you watching The Walking Dead? Have I asked you that before? Because you should.

Made a few more videos because I'm hyper & Evan is gone. :-)

Um...Evan came home & interrupted my train of thought, so I forgot oh! I didn't get the audio & video synced up after all.

I give up!


Editor's Note - I've had several hours of sleep. I still actually feel sleepy, but anyway.

I am honestly sitting here even wondering if I should post these videos, I don't like letting people see who I really am. Ever. Even in a "relationship".

But...I'm not a punk bitch.

So I can't NOT post videos that show the Authentic Angelika as opposed to "Internet Angelika" or "Public Angelika".

Honestly, you either like me or don't. I can't really affect that.


Maybe I'm finally growing up enough to really allow myself to be vulnerable around people.

BTW, the combination to sleep today was: 4 "Stress Relief" tablets, 2 xanax, and 2 motion sickness pills. I just want you to realize what I have to go through to get 6 hours of sleep. :-(


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