Thursday, November 18, 2010

An interactive post!

Feeling Inquisitive


oday I feel like asking YOU some questions and finding out your answers: you may answer in the comments or post to your own blog & leave the link. My answers are in italics.

1. Do you care about The Royals as much as I do (i.e. not at all)?

Not at all. I'm not in England, Prince William's impending marriage will not affect me. Although he is a fine looking boy, even with the hair loss, LOL.

2. Women: If you HAD to, who would you kill, marry, or have sex with? Ellen Degeneres, Angelina Jolie, Heidi Montag?

I would happily kill Heidi Montag just so I don't ever have to hear from her or her prat of a man. I would have sex with Angelina because I think she'd be wild in bed. I'd marry Ellen because she has gorgeous eyes and I think she'd keep me laughing.

Ellen Degeneres
Angelina Jolie
Heidi Montag

3. Men: If you HAD to, who would you kill, marry, or have sex with? Hugh Jackman, Russell Brand, Justin Bieber?

I would like for Justine Bieber to disappear from the world and from my memory. Why do I have to see his fucking face and Dorothy Hamill haircut every time I enter Wal-Mart? This is as bad as the damned Miley Cyrus phase a couple of years ago. OMG, I'm getting old. I would DO Russell Brand for the same reason I'd do Angelina Jolie. I'd marry Hugh Jackman. Yummmmmmmmm.

Hugh Jackman
Russell Brand
Justin Bieber

4. Do you, as a rule, like Musicals? (Sound of Music, Glee)

No. The only exception for movies is The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I've never seen an episode of Glee, but I did see the clip where the football team did "Single Ladies" on the field. That was funny. The whole premise of a bunch of people breaking into song with choreography is insane.

5. What's your favorite decade & why?

The 80s. Duh. It's when I became a teenager. I love the music. I'm not even mad at the miniskirts and florescent colors, which I wore with the best of them! :-)

6. What's your favorite cuss word?

Fuck. I like to say it and do it. You can say (and do) it in so many ways too: Sympathy - Fuck, man. Anger - Fuck you, assmunch! Love - I love the fucking shit out of you, man. Confusion - What the fuck? Amusement - Fucking hilarious!

7. What is your favorite type of pie?

Depends on the day. I just recently discovered Key Lime gum. I'm hoping this will stave off my cravings for the actual pie...

8. Do you have any pets? If so, what kind and what are the names?


9. Do you read tabloid magazines or blogs, if so how often? (The Enquirer, Perez Hilton)

Not on a regular basis. I think they're all full of shit, but depending on how bored I am or how few of my friends are online, I will watch an episode of TMZ or read Perez Hilton.

That is all. :-)

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