Friday, September 17, 2010

High Five Friday & Complaining.

Feeling In Pain


ell, I was awakened in the middle of the night with a sinus headache which is currently throbbing on the left side of my forehead. Joy.

My left leg is also hurting. Not just my foot, my ENTIRE LEG. I admit that I have not been taking the darvocet every 4 hours as prescribed, I also know you're not supposed to chase pain. But, believe it or not, I really don't like taking narcotics unless I have to.

I guess I have to.

But I did manage to visit some blogs this week, so here are some High Fives in no particular order. :-)

High Five DogAmy Oops : Google Pun WIN
Matt Price : Top 25 Black Superheroes. I asked him about this earlier this week because one of my cousins is a comic book freak and if anyone knows comic books, it's Matt. :-)
Captain Bummer : Bonesters NSFW
Cardiogirl : It should be illegal...
Uleven : Japanese Beat Boxer AWESOME!

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  1. Take your medicine like a good girl ..... otherwise I'll tell you a very long grouting anecdote ..... *stands with hands on hips trying to look stern*

  2. DP - I thought we talked about you using words I don't understand? The only grout I know about is the stuff on bathroom tiles.

    But I did take my meds. Leg is better. Headache is marginally better.

  3. Hey There, how ya doin ? your leg is hurting ? you should ask Jacqueline at how she liked her laser pain treatment. (wink*wink) oo000,
    did you see that I got bounced outta ec.. Yeah Laugh Haaaaaaaaard, reaaaaaall haaaaaaaard. go see my blog today for a real good video.

    hey girly, we need to talk about a thang,, you know. holl@me

  4. Re - I believe the pain is related to my stitches an not taking the pain meds every 4 hours.

    I've never heard of laser pain treatments!

  5. Hoo-ahhh! I'm in the top five!

    Oh right. Your pain in your leg. Sorry to hear about that. (whispers) I made the top five!


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