Friday, April 16, 2010

Yard Sale

Yard SaleFeeling Tired


e (me, my cousins & my aunt) had a yard sale today. 8-1. We're having another one tomorrow.

Everything must go!Evan made $4. All from his cousin. For toys. Evan was all up in his face like "Do you have Beast? But do you have a Beast like this? You know you want it."

Poor kid didn't have a chance, LOL. Every time he made a dollar from selling his toys, he was back looking at Evan's toys.

I traded my cousin 2 DVDs for $1 and 3 lamps. Wheeeee. Now I don't have to turn on the overhead light when I'm on the computer. I used to have a lamp there, but someone (I won't say who. Because I don't remember...) broke it. So I have a desk lamp & 2 spares, LOL.


I hope we have more traffic tomorrow. I'm sure we will. My aunt put it in the paper "Multi-family Yard Sale".

So stop by tomorrow! 8-whenever. ;-p

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