Monday, April 05, 2010


Feeling Normal


o I finally got my knee (and most of my back) pain under control. I just drink disgusting salty/fruity glucosamine supplements every day.

Liquid GluclosamineNow my right shoulder is tender.

Like I have sunburn.

But I rarely go out, and definitely not topless, so WTF is this shit?????

Shirts hurt.

Everything hurts.

It's irritating.


God is getting on my last nerve.

Last week I was vomiting & freezing and shit and now I can't stand for anything to touch my damned shoulder? Not even a freaking shirt???


That is all.

PS - I'm not moderating you, Max. I just don't check my comments as much as I used to. :-)


  1. It's hell to get old, isn't it?? Weird shit just starts happening and there is no reason why. My friend says when you are 80 it all just starts to fall off. I can't wait.

  2. sounds like niacin allergy. how much niacin is in that stuff ? nerves react differently in different places due to salt. you must have alot of salt in you now. try to drink lots of water after you take it. rub with some aloe vera gel. the stuff from the dollarstore works - just put it in the fridge for a lil bit before you use it. also menthol pain rub gel works - also from the dollar store. just cool them before you put it on your painful area. should help you out, hopefully.

    so what did grumpy you get for easter ? any nudy eggs with house inside ? hmmmmm.. share share. o got your ms snarky, and will write you back later in the week when I get back to email. sorry but work is first right now and email is well... getting on my last nerve.

  3. why am I never in your favorite blogs woman ? damnn and I thought you liked being in my links column. oh well...

  4. I take glucosamine for my knees ..... it helps ..... not that I intend to use them that much .....


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