Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I miss you

Feeling in Pain


've been thinking about you.

And you.

And you too!

But for the past 4 days I've been laying in bed with ice packs on my knees.


Hurts like hell. But I have to wait until payday to go to the doctor & get another cortisone shot.

Anyway, I stopped drinking that Glucosamine shit. My shoulder & arm aren't paintul to the touch anymore, but I think I'd rather deal with that than the fucking knee pain.

It got bad when I spent 20 minutes standing in line at my Grandmother's 90th birthday celebration. Had I known it would be that crowded, I would have brought my walker.


Now my face is sore. Just half of it, LOL.


The point is, it wasn't the glucosamine making my shoulder sore.


Today when Evan left to catch the bus, I told him to open the sliding glass door.

Woke up @ 9 and it was 64 degrees in here, LOL. That's fine when I'm sleeping, but getting out of bed in a 64 degree house is not fun!

The wind has been CRAZY today. Everybody's lawn chairs are all over the place, LOL.

I don't care as long as nothing hits my car.

It's finally raining.

I hope Evan doesn't have freaking weight lifting today. He had it every day last week.

Hugh Laurie PersonaThat last episode of House where Hugh had the old man Larry King shoulders has scarred me so, I finally changed my Firefox persona...

Bones Persona
I may end up making another one, but for now... I don't want to see Hugh. It makes me sad.

That is all.

Because my head is trying to get a migraine.

And I have to tinkle.


I'm thinking about you even though I haven't blogged or visited your blog!

Send me some Vicodin.

Thanks. :-)

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