Thursday, January 28, 2010

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ince, once again I was adding all of my music to iTunes, how much I love "Try Again" by Aaliyah.

Other ones too, like Are you that somebody? & More than a Woman.

I just miss her.I wish she hadn't died so early in her career. I wonder what type of music she'd be making now? Or would she be all up in movies like other musicians turned actor. (Ice Cube & Queen Latifah are the only ones I can think of now, but I KNOW there are more.)

AaliyahI just miss her. The music of hers that I do like has stood the test of time.

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I mean, more than 12 years later I'm still listening to and enjoying "Are you that somebody?"

Are there any musicians you miss because you know they would have had great careers if they hadn't ended so early?

Please don't say Elvis or Michael Jackson. I'm sure some of you miss them too, but I think their careers were pretty phenomenal anyway...


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  1. aaliyah was and always will be loved for who she was - a sweet talented woman who died much too soon. I wish we could erase the r kelly bits; and put her on an airplane Alone. she will be a legacy like Left Eye, so talented and gone too soon.

  2. Re - I think it's interesting that the mainstream media pretty much did forget about the R Kelly bit. I still remember when she was on some award show fully pregnant @ 16. We never heard another word about that baby...

  3. John Lennon - can you imagine what he'd have to say about global warming, climate change and the war on Iraq?

    What about Joni Mitchell or Kirsty MacColl?

    I remember dancing to Try again - me and my friend tried to learn the dance from the video lol

  4. Hannah - John Lennon is a good one!

    When did Joni Mitchell die? I remember seeing her in a Janet Jackson video. I just looked on & they don't have a date of death for her...

  5. wowww you're right. where is that baby ?


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