Thursday, November 05, 2009


Feeling Giddy


never really had much interest in Facebook. I think I joined because so many people at JJHF were members & they would post pictures of their kids there, so I had to join to see the pics.

FacebookBut the actual site just had way too much going on for me. Let me put it this way, being on Facebook was like being in a mall full of people and stores with everyone trying to talk to me and offer me something. It wore me out.

This week, I have found my nieces on FB, connected with my BFF on FB, had a former coworker find me (one I actually liked, LOL) and saw some names/faces from my past.

I'm actually having fun on Facebook!I'm actually having fun on Facebook!

If you had told me this a year ago, or even last month, I probably would have said "WTFever. I hate Facebook! I don't even like people, why the hell would I want to give them another way to irritate me?!?"

So...I will now say something that you will rarely hear from me, genius than I be.

I was wrong and I'm having fun interacting with people.


Digest that.


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  1. I don't know what happy pill you ingested to make you love Facebook. I still hate it. Massively.

  2. DG - You have to understand that I really haven't spent much time with my BFF or my nieces in the past few years. They are very far away (for me to drive) and have busy lives.

    At least this way I can keep in touch on a more regular basis. :-)

  3. i have some reasons why i love facebook.. and i wont mind using that..


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