Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Game Addictions

Feeling Normal


emember when I was all about Spymaster & 140 Mafia?

Welllllllllll, Facebook has a few games that I like to play must play and know exactly when I have to be back at the computer to continue playing.

Is Beatrix Kiddo here to kill me, or just eat my awesome food?Not that I plan my day around it oh crap I just remembered I have to take a pair of jeans I bought for Evan back to the store because I didn't get the right flipping color. But that can wait, I have stuff to do here.

Like cook for my Café @ Café World or harvest crops at my farm on Farmville.


Here are some screencaps I just took.

Angelika's Farm

Angelika's Cafe

If you're on Facebook, and you play those games or Roller Coaster, make me your neighbor! I'm Angelika Insomniac.


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