Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Have I told y'all that my BFF is the one

Feeling Normal


ho taught me Ebonics?

Seriously, LOL.

I took a Quiz "How black are you?" I got 70%...
The Boy, he who is so attitudinal I dare not speak his name (Evan) calls me Oreo when he's mad @ me. Just like the kids in Jr High & HS did when I used to go to a predominantly black school. I've been permanently scarred by that. But that is a tale for another day.


I took a Facebook Quiz "How black are you?" I got 70%...

Angela took the same quiz.

Angela is black

So, yeah. My read headed green eyed BFF is blacker than me.

That's the funniest shit ever! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

Now playing: Missy Elliot ft Timbaland - They don't wanna f*** wit me

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