Sunday, November 15, 2009


Feeling Normal


was watching Flash Forward at Hulu and I happened to see an ad for Kingdom starring Stephen Fry.

I've watched the first episode. I'm in the middle of the second.

KingdomKingdom is about a lawyer named Peter Kingdom whose brother has been missing for 6 months. While he's trying to figure out where his brother is and if he is actually dead, he continues with his practice which includes the regular small town lawyer stuff like wills & child custody cases and other stuff.

He has a secretary and an "apprentice". I don't know what Peter called him.

She drives the secretary crazy by taping the secretary's chair to her desk...Anyway in the middle of the first show, Peter's crazy (clinically) nymphomaniac sister shows up from a stay at a mental hospital. She's very immature.

She drives the secretary crazy by stealing her car keys, spitefully eating the last piece of toast even though she didn't want it, tapes the secretary's chair to her desk with masking tape and labels everything in the office/house.

Anyway, turns out that Peter is the responsible sibling. He ends up taking care of his crazy sister while looking for his brother and handling cases.

Peter constantly gives his apprentice a pile of crap to carry and any other grunt work that he doesn't want to do himself, LOL.

I love it.

Watch it at Hulu!


  1. Have you seen any Doc Martin yet? I think you would love that show :)

  2. Claire - The only Doc Marten I know is the shoes. :-)


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