Monday, November 16, 2009

Weirdness on AMC

Feeling Normal


ast week I was watching The View and Sir Ian McKellen (Magneto from X-Men) was on talking about his new miniseries or whatever called The Prisoner. I searched for it, and found it on AMC.

**Disclaimer** Pardon this I was really tired and kept falling asleep, so some of it may be mixed up in my head, but I have to delete it from my DVR so I can record the second part tonight. No time to re-watch the first one.

The PrisonerIt's weird, but interesting.

Jim Caviezel (Jesus in Passion of the Christ) wakes up on a beach. He sees an old man running from something. The old man faints, Jesus takes him to a cave & the old man comes to long enough to tell Jesus to go to 554 (or something) and then dies.

Jesus keeps walking and sees lights. The lights are coming from a "neighborhood" where all the houses are A-Frames and I think they're painted pink or something?

Anyway, he gets into a cab and asks to be taken to the nearest bus or train station. The cab driver is like "What is that?" So he jumps out of the cab and runs to a diner. The waitress offers him 3 different kind of wraps. Like Chicken Wrap, Veggie Rap, House Special Wrap and he asks if they have anything other than wraps. She said "Why would we?"

He gets back into the cab and asks where he is. Cab driver says "The Village". Jesus says "What village?" Cabbie says "THE Village". Then starts talking about his daughter 836 (or something).

A Frame HouseNext thing I know, Jesus wakes up in a hospital where everyone is calling him "Six".

Everyone in The Village has a number for a name. Even the soap opera characters have number names.

Magneto is "the main dude" and he keeps telling 6 that he needs to get better so he can get back to his real life.

Have you ever watched a movie and felt like you came in in the middle even though you've been there since the previews?Blah blah. It's kind of complicated. Sucks when everyone has a number instead of a name. All you need to know, I guess, is that Jesus is 6 and Magneto is 2. Jesus remembers being in Manhattan, NY. Other people in "The Village" dream about New York too, but they don't want to admit it. People who talk to Jesus end up dead.


Apparently it's based on an old British TV Series from the 60's.

It's weird.

Have you ever watched a movie and felt like you came in in the middle even though you've been there since the previews? That's what this feels like. I rewound it several times when I thought I'd fallen asleep and it still made no more sense than the first time I watched it, LOL.

But I'll be watching the rest of it because I want to know WTF is going on. Remember the show "Life on Mars" (Another British import)? It's similar to that.

That is all.
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  1. I loved the Prisoner when it was showing over here on the TV - didn't understand a word of it ......

  2. DaddyP - You mean the original series or this remake? ;-p

  3. Angelika don't you remember the Prisoner ?
    it was excellent. reminds me of a more cloak and dagger version of The Avengers; another of my favorites.

  4. Re - I was born in 72. And my parents weren't big Sci-Fi fans. I've never even heard of The Prisoner until last week, LOL.

  5. Hi Angelika. I'm sorry I have been gone so long.

    I had no idea Jesus did all these things. :)

  6. The original was very very weird, I went to the original 'village' on a school trip once.

    My dad use to quote this all the time:

    I am not a number, I am a freeeeeeeeeeee mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn (free man) or something like that anyways.

  7. Claire - I think if it hadn't been a mini-series over here, I wouldn't have finished it. I watched it because I wanted to see how it ended. Which was disappointing. :-(


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