Friday, November 06, 2009

I slept so much yesterday!

Feeling Sleepy


don't know why.

I was so sleepy, I took at nap @ 3 pm. Woke up and saw Evan eating cereal. Snoozed again & then I saw him on the computer. It was 5:50.

Me - What are you doing?
He - Looking at something on the computer...

Fell back asleep. Woke up @ 6:30. I was about to start yelling @ Evan to make sure he hadn't fallen back asleep.

But he had left the computer on, so I got on.

Had tweets. I'm like "Why was everybody in the world awake at 3 am?" because the tweets were from "3 hours ago".

I thought it was 6:30 am.


pizzaAnyway, when I finally figured out it was PM, I ordered a pizza.

Then I fell back asleep.

Woke up and watched Vampire Diaries & Grey's Anatomy. Fell back asleep.

Woke up this morning to get Evan out the door.

Fell back asleep.

I finally GOT OUT OF BED at noon-thirty.

What the hell?

I don't know, but I'm going back to bed.

See y'all Monday, probably.


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