Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So, my sleep is like a safe

Feeling Whatever


nd I have to crack the combination to the sleep before I can get any sleep.

It changes every night, LOL.

Excedrin MigraineYesterday, because EVERYTHING was hurting me, I took a demerol. Mainly for the stabbing pains I was feeling in my back & knees. I also had another MAJOR FUCKING HEADACHE so I went ahead and took that OTC Migraine medication.

The Migraine Meds have caffeine, which I unfortunately forgot because I took a second dose when I felt the headache coming back. I normally don't have caffeine in my diet, so one cup of coffee can have me cleaning the house from top to bottom as long as I'm not in any pain, nodamene? It's like speed for me, LOL.

So at 3:30 am, while I was crocheting the sleeves for my snuggie while watching the House episode that came on 45 minutes late because of some damned baseball game (luckily, I also record "Lie to me", so I got to see all of House.) I realized why I wasn't sleepy in spite of doing the laundry and grocery shopping all in one day.


I took 2 Benadryl
2 OTC Sleeping Pills
2 Xanax.

I don't normally iron.The good news is that Evan actually went to school today without me even being up to rush him (though I have my doubts that he actually brushed his teeth...)

It might have had something to do with the fact that I ironed his Stewie Griffin shirt while I was awake and bored and tired of crocheting.

Yeah, he found it under a pile of clean white socks and underwear (or something) and was planning to wear it wrinkles and all.

Stewie T-ShirtNow, I don't normally iron. The fold wrinkles don't bother me. But I do usually have him put his shirts on hangers AT THE LAUNDROMAT & then hang them up when we get home.

The point is, I wasn't fiddnuh let him wear that balled up shirt to school, LOL.

Then I painted my nails.

Fingernails 1Fingernails 2

I heard on some damned talk show that green is the new color for the season. So I bought some halloween green nail polish. But it was cheap ($.97) so it didn't have very good coverage. So I painted my nails black & then put the green on top. IRL it's like a forest green.

But when I installed the web cam software on this PC, for some reason I can't hold the cam & snap a picture like I used to be able to do. I'm sure it's something to do with the settings, but I haven't been bored or obsessed enough to figure out what to change.

Entyway, after the combo of meds I took, I fell asleep fairly quickly while holding a crust of French bread.


Yeah. I woke up at 9:30 or something this morning with a hard ass piece of bread in my hand, LOL.

That was a nice sleep! And Evan went to school even though I'm sure he held the damned alarm clock right up to my ear because it was moved from where I usually keep it.

BUT, that same combination will not work tonight.


So I'd better not nap, or I will be up for God knows how long tonight.

I'm cold.

Going to crochet more of my snuggie sleeve.

Now playing: Prince - Irresistable Bitch

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