Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Have you ever been awakened by

Feeling the Headache from Hell


he headache from HELL?

Who do I blame? God or Mother Nature?The one that hurts so bad you want to cry but you know crying will only stuff up your nose and make it hurt worse because then your head will be pounding in addition to feeling like someone hit you square in the middle of your forehead with a sledgehammer?

That's why I'm up in the middle of the night tonight.

The only good thing is that I'm not photosensitive, so it isn't an actual migraine, but I had to take some of that Migraine medicine with caffeine so I get to stay awake to know exactly when the pain goes away.



  1. OMG. Yes! I have had that headache and it sucks.

  2. I've had it for 2 weeks, on and off. I'm so OVER IT!

  3. I get those extreme headaches every now and then. If I can get up, take two excedrin migraines and go back to sleep I'll be ok. If I can't get back to sleep or don't have time to sleep I'm screwed. The better part of my day will feel like my head's in a vise.

  4. I've gotten two migraines in the last two weeks, so I know what you are talking about! Yikes. Hope you are feeling better.

  5. Brian - You must drink coffee or soda every day, LOL. I can't do anything but be UP after caffeine, LOL.

    Lin - I would love it if it would just stop for a while. 2 weeks of headaches & headache medicine is making me feel toxic. :-(

  6. I was taking the lovliest nap, and BAM, head pain.

    I am not a happy camper right now.

    Anyway... HEY GIRL!

  7. A nap @ 11:30? Ok. Sounds like my sleeping habits of late, LOL.

    Hope you feel better!

  8. That's the worst kind of headache. I have been having an unusual number of severe headaches in the last week or so myself. No fun, and makes sleeping for solid amounts of time difficult.


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