Friday, October 23, 2009

High Five Friday

Feeling Normal


his is for the entire month of October, I think. I haven't been on as much as usual because of the wonderful HFHs (Headaches from Hell) I've had so whatever.

Cardiogirl for Jesus watches me every time I go to Walgreen's

News of the Weird and Unexplained for Funny Signs

Life out of Focus for My Mom

Clarity2009 for Please don't buy Nike products or patronize the Philadelphia Eagles. *WARNING* Photos on this page will be disturbing. Click the link at your own risk...

New Dilemma for Picture Snatcher

My Mind Wandered for Dear Hunter's Widow


  1. I love your high fives and not just because I am a recipient. I also enjoy the photo of the squirrel giving a high five.

  2. CG - After I posted I realized I'd forgotten a High Five photo. I just didn't care, LOL.


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