Sunday, September 13, 2009


Feeling Whatever


just finished watching the VMAs.

I enjoyed Madonna's...speech about MJ. I was always more of a Prince fan, never doubted for 1 second that Jackson was a freak & possibly a pedophile, but the man made some decent music and he could dance his skinny vitiligoed ass off!

I liked the Michael Jackson tribute at the beginning with all of the dancers doing the dances from his videos. I liked when Janet came out & performed part of "Scream" (My favorite MJ song EVER.)

Russell Brand was a little disappointing this year? Maybe it's because I once again feel like I have a steel rod stuck up my back and in spite of the ice packs & the heating pad I just HURT SO BAD so I zapped through most of the shit.

Lady Gaga's performance was very odd. I mean, I've seen the video for "Paparazzi" but who would have thunk that she'd start "bleeding" on stage and act like she was killed? Kudos for singing live though. The girl's got pipes. I hear it's hard to sing while lying down and she did it and still sounded great. I don't know why she changed 3 (or was it 4?) times, but whatevs.

Kanye Douchebag WestKanye "I'm an insane publicity whore" West has once again shown that he's the BIGGEST DOUCHE in the world by interrupting Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for Best Female Video.

What is wrong with him?????? Seriously, he needs medication because he's fucking retarded. Luckily Beyonce was classy enough to let Taylor finish her speech when B won for Video of the Year.

Is it just me, or do the artists seem to get more and more...foolish with their VMA performances? Back in the day, Prince wore assless pants. (I really didn't need to see how hairy your ass is, Prince.) Britney came out with a snake one year. Beyonce dangled from the ceiling one year. Now Pink is doing circus tricks & Gaga is symbolicating (got that word from Wilson on House, MD) suicide or murder on stage.

Does someone have to get hurt or die before they stop trying to top the stunts from previous years and just sing the damned song? If you can sing, you really don't need all this extra crap.

What else?

I don't remember.

I'm really in a shitty mood. Pain has a way of doing that to me.


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