Monday, September 14, 2009

OMLY, you should have seen it!

Feeling Surprised


irst I was driving to Wal-Mart. There's a herd (?) of horses on my way. Usually they are just eating grass & chillin'. Today, 2 of them were fighting!

Horse FightI don't know if one was a female & she was trying to get the male to leave her the eff alone, or if they were both males fighting over the same mare. I'd never seen that before. There are a LOT of horses around here. In people's yards & on their farms and I've never seen them acting like that. Maybe it was the rainy weather?

So then I get to Wal-Mart. Every handicapped person in the Tri-State area must have been there, because there were no handicapped spaces. I finally saw one woman loading her groceries into her TRUCK, so I turned on my blinker & just sat there until she was done.

I kid you not, I listened to 3 songs while the chick was loading up.

Milk CrateThen, she pulls out a milk crate and tries to stand on it to get in her TRUCK. It keeps slipping. I watched her do this for another song & finally got out and told her I'd hold the crate still while she stepped on it.

Um...I would never buy a truck because I have balance problems. I don't climb anymore. That's Evan's job now. Changing lightbulbs, taking down curtains, all the high shit is HIS job because it's unsafe for me and he's been a climbing monkey since he was 3 or something and would climb up the kitchen doorway to get his cereal from the top of the refrigerator.

There's no telling what Evan will do if I'm not awake to say "DON'T DO THAT!"Anyway, all while I was watching this woman struggle, I'm wondering "Why the hell would you buy a damned truck when you KNOW you can't climb? If you have to climb, why not bring a step ladder instead of a freaking milk crate???"

BTW, while I was holding the crate, it did a serious dip when she stepped onto it. I had visions of her falling and breaking my effing arm or something.

It was a new truck. I mean, to me it looked new. She needs to trade that bitch in for a station wagon or have someone else do the grocery shopping.

But I did notice that ppl were extra nice today, LOL. It reminded me of that commercial where one person does something nice and the people keep passing it on.

Every time I ran into a wall (I have to ride the electric cart & pull a regular cart behind me because the electric cart isn't big enough for 24 packs of water & stuff) people ran up to try to help me.

I can do it myself, but I let them help me.

Then when I got to the check out line, some woman just put all my shit on the belt for me.

She - How did you get this big thing of water in here?
Me - Do you see the way it's in there? I just pull it off the shelf and it falls in there, LOL. (Yes, I have busted more than one 24 pack of water that way. But if Evan isn't there, I do it myself by any means necessary.)

I think that's all.

CapzasinExcept I finally bought some capzasin for my back. It's about the only cream/gel that I haven't tried. I could go to the doctor but a) I don't feel like sitting in the waiting room full of sick people and 2) He'd only give me narcotics which I don't like to take because they knock me out and there's no telling what Evan will do if I'm not awake to say "DON'T DO THAT!" He had his music blasting one night @ 11 pm. I thought it was a car outside!

I hate puberty!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bye. :-)

Now playing: Missy Elliot - The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)

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