Thursday, September 10, 2009

I just started thinking about this today

Feeling Normal


was in the kitchen washing dishes when I heard a tide commercial.

As most black people & other minorities know, "They" (advertisers) don't normally show advertisements with "us" (black people) unless it is a black show. I think the show I was watching was Bonnie Hunt or something hosted by a white person or with a primarily white cast.
"I'm used to seeing black people in commercials on BET, but not necessarily NBC, CBS, ABC or Fox."
It always surprises & pleases me when I see a "black" commercial during shows that aren't aimed at "us". I'm used to seeing black people in commercials on BET, but not necessarily NBC, CBS, ABC or Fox. And by "black people" I mean more than one black person. More than a token, KWIM?

I'm not complaining. I'm just stating a fact.

It pleases me because I think "Well, maybe now "they" (advertisers) are realizing that we buy the same stuff white people do."

It's different when the commercial has a celebrity. So I'm not talking about Revlon or Cover Girl commercials (which seem to have a pretty diverse cast anyway), but regular stuff like laundry detergent, grocery stores, cars, etc.

There's one commercial for Wal-Mart that has a white man & a black woman TOGETHER. Like, married. *faint*

I totally forgot what I was going to say because I saw Russell Brand on The View this morning. He was flirting with Sherri Shephard & Whoopi asked him if he'd ever "had" a sister. He said "Yeah. Loads. It's different than in this country. In England we're all getting it on."

But anyway, to show you what I mean, here are 2 tide commercials. One aimed at "us" and one for the rest of y'all who aren't minority. :-)

BTW, if that song in the first commercial is a real song & not just for the commercial, let me know who does it. I like the song. That's one commercial I don't FF through just because I like the song.

Continue with your regularly scheduled lives now. :-)

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