Friday, September 11, 2009

High Five Friday

Feeling Sleepy


eah, I was going to write about Vampire Diaries that I watched last night. But after getting new High Five pictures & crap, I'm suddenly tired.

High Five T-ShirtSo anyway, here are the 3 posts for High Five this week in no particular order. I'll get back to Vampire Diaries after a nap, maybe. :-)

Life out of Focus for Why Nettie is trying to kill me.

Aria'z Ink for Y'all make me sick.

Badgals Radio for The Plug she gave me, LOL. Disclaimer: I did a banner for her blog. It looks a little fuzzy to me seeing it up live, so I did another one. She doesn't have the new one up yet. But you know I ROCK at Paintshop Pro because I do my own graphics. :-)

That is all.

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