Friday, August 14, 2009

High Five Friday & Stuff

Feeling Normal


irst I wanted to tell you about this new site I found.

It's called "Down for everyone or just me?"

I was trying to drop cards and it seemed like some of the blogs were taking forever to load (including my own).

Here's a screencap.

Down for Everyone?

Pretty cool!

The Boy's feet happen to smell like corn chips & vinegar.Tea Foot SoakAnyway, I happened to be watching some of my DVR recorded programs & I was in between 2 programs when I saw Dr. Oz on Oprah talking about curing smelly feet.

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The Boy's feet happen to smell like corn chips & vinegar. Always have. He was a BABY and being carried around everywhere and his feet stank to high heaven, LOL.

Make a dishpan (or whatever) full of warm water & tea bags. Soak for 30 minutes for 5 days. The tea should be almost coffee colored.

Luckily I had some CHEAP family size teabags, they didn't taste too good to drink, but they're fine for soaking Evan's clodhoppers. I used 6 family size teabags & about 2 inches of water. Just deep enough for his feet to be covered.

After one foot soaking, his feet had NO odor! (Hallelujah!!!) so he's been soaking them every day while he does his homework.

His new shoes still smell like new shoes!!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Finally, the only High Fives I got around to this week:

Motherwise Cracks for This marriage just might work. Happy Anniversary! :-)

Bit Rebels for Explaining Twitter to those who don't get it.

Tools4Movies for Ninja Clash Strategy Guide (this also works for 140Mafia).

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  1. I will keep that foot soak in mind for the little stinkers in my house.

  2. DG - It's a miracle, I'm telling you!

  3. Thanks on two accounts - first for the High Five for my anniversary and second for the tip about the tea for smelly feet. My son's feet are really bad. He had an operation to reduce sweating but they can't do anything that will help below the belt so his feet still are a sweaty mess. His new college roommate might want to thank you too.

  4. Mother - You are welcome!

    Evan hasn't soaked his feet since Thursday, but they still don't stink. Once they start again, it will be back to the tea soaking. It's a miracle!

  5. mother everybody brain is wet.little sinker in my house make others sink.

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