Saturday, July 11, 2009

Warehouse 13 on SyFy

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his week started a new crop of tv shows (I can't tell you how thrilled I am that Eureka is back.) One of the new shows was Warehouse 13.

It was a 2 hour premier. I think I fell asleep trying to watch it 3 times, which made me think I was going to hate it. Or, at least, not like it very much.

But to be fair, I finally watched it yesterday, when I wasn't sleepy, LOL.

It reminded me of X-files. Seriously. The guy who is open to everything and thinks "the truth is out there" and the woman/his new partner who is strictly by the rules and thinks the guy is a little...prone to flights of fancy.

Anyway, I did like watching this newer version of Scully & Mulder. :-)

The show is about 2 Secret Service agents who are reassigned to Warehouse 13. Their new jobs are to track down "objects" that might be harmful in the world if they are allowed to remain outside with the populace.

I think if you liked X-Files, you will like this.I thought it was interesting that they said things like "This vehicle is powered by your internal electricity. Henry Ford built it before the car, but the car company decided that they'd make more money with something that broke down & would be replaced" (Not an exact quote, but you get the gist.)

They mentioned Tesla & a few other scientists I've heard of from movies (like The Prestige) or real life. It always makes it more believable if the "great minds" people talk about are actual great minds and not fictional characters, don't you think?


I think if you liked X-Files, you will like this.

Tuesdays @ 9 EST on SyFy (formerly Sci-Fi).

That is all.

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  1. Obviously, the fact that they had a filming crew from the Sci-Fi Channel following them around should have tipped them off that this was not going to be a regular case.

  2. People - I don't know how they didn't realize that...


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