Monday, July 13, 2009

More Sleep Talking

Feeling Normal


ell, apparently I spoke in my sleep again.

Let me set the scene:

Me: On the bed, asleep with the TV on
Evan: On the computer with the headphones on

Awwww, that baby is cuteMe - Awwww, that baby is cute
Evan - *Taking headphones off* What?
Me - I said that baby is cute.
Evan - What baby?
Me - *sitting up to look @ Evan* The baby on the page.
Evan - Uh...ok?


I do wonder WTF I dream about and why I'm talking in my sleep.

At least I know I'm not having sex dreams because as soon as he heard "Ohhhh, Hugh" Evan would start screaming and run from the room...


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