Monday, June 01, 2009


Feeling Whatever


very summer, I say that I'm going to get rid of ALL the crap that we don't need anymore.

We started yesterday with Evan's room. He was thrilled. ;-) He has clothes that he hasn't worn since 2nd grade or something. But rather than throw them away, he rips them up and makes costumes for himself (Ninja or whatever). So we started throwing away size 12 shirts, LOL. He wasn't happy.

I know I should have bundled up all the clothes that are too small for him but still good enough to give away, but *sigh* I don't know if I have the energy to do that. Plus I have to wash them first.

Paisley JacketYes, I still have clothes I haven't worn since HS, but who cares? My sofa patterned suit jacket might come back in style. And my neon green Chuck Taylor knockoffs too...


30 minutes a day until I have more room to buy more shit and fill up all the black holes (closets that are never opened) in the house again.

This song, Lookin Boy has been going through my head all weekend.

No idea why.

Probably from the So You Think you can Dance auditions. And before I forget, have you seen "Jesse James is a dead man" on Spike TV? Watch it. I don't know why he's trying to kill himself, but it will be entertaining until he does...

We were supposed to go to his school for the free lunch program they have every summer. We haven't gone since he was in kindergarten & went there before we went to the pool. But, of course, I couldn't get to sleep until 9ish this morning.

Last thing I knew, The Boy was still awake too.

Thanks to Daddy Papersurfer, we've both become addicted to Spymaster.

Anyway, I've forgotten what I was saying. I woke up about an hour ago and cleared out all the songs from my iTunes that I haven't played since 2007 or before (yes, I had some shit I haven't played since 2005...)

Now I need to take a nap.

And wait for The Boy to wake up so we can do another 30 minutes on his room.

Now playing: Adam Ant - Goody Two Shoes
via FoxyTunes

OH! Did you see what Sacha Baron Cohen did to Eminem last night at the VMAs? LMFAO! I started seeing something about it on Twitter. Found a few videos that hadn't yet been taken down due to copyright, you might be able to find one that hasn't too, if you hurry. LOL.

That's all.


  1. I am much more likely to keep my iPod nice and neat and free of unwanted stuff than my closets. I can't bear to throw stuff away, but I've been doing better. And I find once it's gone, I don't miss it.

  2. The 'boy' couldn't sleep either .... definitely. He's been chatting to me giving me the low down on what 'Mom's really like' - tee hee heeeeee [there are spies everywhere!!!!!]

  3. I didn't see the VMA's but I'm going to have a look for clips on YouTube :D

  4. I thought the Bruno thing on the VMAs was genius. I am on the fence as to whether Eminem was in on the joke or not. Either way, it was classic!

  5. 1- I love the mood icons.

    2- I said this just last weekend. I have been saying it for years. Most of the time I do get rid of quite a bit of items, but then I get soft and there's just one thing I HAVE to keep, and then another and another until I'm traumatized enough to throw it all back in the closets. :(

  6. JD - I have been putting off cleaning up my iTunes forever. But if I haven't listened to "Groove is in the heart" in a few years, it's time to let it go, LOL.

    DP - Believe everything he says. ;-)

    Angel - I hope there are still some up there! It was hilarious.

    DG - I don't think he knew. He looked too angry.

    Shae - Thanks.

    I usually get rid of some stuff every year, but I'm serious this time!


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