Monday, April 06, 2009

Stuff - 4/6/09

Bruno Sacha Baron Cohen


m, stuff happens. I forget to blog about it. So here's what's been happening over the weekend.

Evan pulled a radio off the bathroom shelf (about 6 feet up) onto his face. Accidentally. He was trying to kill a gnat. He's fine. But the noise was loud. It's probably broken (the radio) because at least one of the speakers is not connected to the radio. It's a "boom box". I don't know if it fell in the toilet or what.

I finished Audition. It took almost 2 weeks. I mean, it was good. And probably a well needed former current events/history lesson, but it was so much WORK. Now I'm reading "Cross Country" by James Patterson & loving it.

My back hurts. I'm about to take some pain pills and lay on the heating pad.

There's a real live town called Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. It's in Wales. In England. Can you believe that ish? I found out from Daddy Papersurfer's tweet. I thought he was joking.

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Watch the trailer for Bruno (Sacha Baron Cohen). I think I'll like it more than Borat. I can't wait for it to come out on DVD.

Have you ever heard of Bully Beatdown? It's on MTV. A mixed martial artist gets other MMA fighters to beat up bullies for $10,000. If they make it 2 rounds without quitting, passing out, or having the referee stop the fight. It's funny.

I stopped recording Celebrity Apprentice when I realized that it was going to be 2 hours every single episode. So I missed what Dennis Rodman did/said. Is he still there?

I watched The Mighty Boosh on AdultSwim yesterday. I think I'll watch it again next Sunday. It's a British show.

It's odd. But just odd enough to keep me interested, LOL.

I can't remember what else.


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  1. Don't say "Wales in England"!!!!! - the Welsh will go bananas [well more bananas - tee hee]. Wales - part of the United Kingdom........ and there's Scotland, N. Ireland and England ...

    People have their letters sent via that place just to have the name printed on official stamp .....

  2. [Thankyou for all the humor-blog voting!!!! *hugs*]

  3. DP - I was clarifying where Wales is for those who might not know. I don't refer to ENGLAND as the UK. Does that bother you people? :-)

    You're welcome for the votes. :-)

  4. ok. on tonights episode of house, what was the song and artist they played at the end?

  5. Anon - No idea. I have all the seasons (except the current one) on DVD, so I don't watch repeats unless there's nothing else on.

  6. Some people get a bit funny over stuff ..... I don't care where I am particularly so long as there's a comfortable sofa to sit on .....


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