Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm off my anti-depressant


ecause the new one, the one that worked so well the first time I tried it, wasn't working this time.

And it was $65/month WITH INSURANCE.

I'd have to go back to the Doctor to get a switch back to my old AD with a higher level.

And I just paid $180 for a new starter for my effing hooptie and I haven't even paid for the labor yet.

Basically, I can't afford to go to the doctor this month.

I was already kind of weepy on the damned anti-depressant, but since I stopped taking it at the end of last month, it's much worse.

I'm on the verge of tears at all times.

I can afford the xanax. But that's not an anti-depressant. It just helps me sleep.


I hate Medicare.

Why doesn't Obama stop worrying about fucking high speed trains and get universal health care so that people like me don't have to spend months (or years) sobbing all the goddamned time and get our effing meds?

I don't give a FUCK about a high speed train.

I don't give a SHIT about bailing out AIG and giving money to banks that aren't loaning the money anyway.

I need my anti depressant.



  1. Angelika
    do this - find out the name of the company who makes your needed med. first ask your doctor to ask the rep for samples to tide you over till you can get approved for their customer delivery system. all drug companies now offer low cost, or now cost programs for meds.

    trust me girl I KNOW. I take 8 meds a week, and hubby is on everymost expensive drug in the world; plus lots of experimental stuff. naww I ain't getting into it.

    just trust me, look up their customer service number on the net, call them up and tell them you need the meds cause you can't afford them and you have medicare. they have a program cause they want to write off that cost of delivery to you.

    I haven't paid for prevacid for 3 years. and lots of other stuff too.

    need help, holla at me

  2. Ausetkmt - THANK YOU! I forgot all about that, that's what I do with my MS meds because they're $1000+/month.

    I'll get right on that!

  3. see.. what would we do without our bloggin buddies. (((( HUGS )))))
    girllll did you see that hugh laurie piece on that guys blog, with the shakespere and english tv series clips. frosty goodness !

  4. I hope you get it. I hope it works for you. I care. Can't have my Sunshine in tears. :(

  5. Uh...what makes you think so called "Universal coverage" is going to be any better than current government provided services (medicare, medicaid)??? Still going to be administered by the gov't and they'll just have even more control over what you can and can't have. No thanks.

    I don't mind paying taxes for folks who NEED medical care (i.e. yourself and my little cousin who is paralyzed) but I don't want to be forced into gov't insurance. Which is exactly what O wants.

    I hate the downs of depression. I had a minor incident on Wednesday night...thankfully the meds they switched me to due to the pregnancy seem to be working okay. I can't imagine not being on my meds. I wouldn't be able to function.

    HANG IN THERE!!!!!!!

  6. Ausetkmt - What blog? I've seen Hugh doing Blackadder and that bit of Shakespeare he did when he was in college, but I haven't seen it on a blog.

    Max - Thanks! :-)

    Casto - When I had Medicaid, I never paid more than $2 per prescription or $1 per doctor appt.

    It's not necessarily universal heath coverage that I want. What I want is to not have to decide between feeding my constantly ravenous teenager or my mental health.

    Fix my car or Take my meds this month?
    Pay my cable bill or take my meds this month?

    Medicare sucks ass. Even WITH a medigap policy.

  7. Angelika, I'll go find it later and repost the link here in the same thread for consistency's sake.

    toodles !


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