Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'd rather have a Bully Beatdown than a conversation...

You have the opportunity to talk 5 minutes worth of sense into a wayward celebrity. Who do you choose?

*Who's the celeb?
Britney Spears
Chris Brown
Paris Hilton
Tom Cruise
Amy Winehouse

None of the above.

I'm sure many people have tried to talk some sense into those people, and they haven't listened yet.

I would like to get a pro MMA fighter to talk 5 minutes worth of "Beatdown" to Chris Brown.


  1. now Ms. Angelika,
    I personally know deep within my Bipolar Brain that you would sit on Christ Brown's Face. after he satisfys you - then you'd do the obligatory bootyburp, and then stand up and politely kick him in his empty nuts.

    probably when he starts to whimper and cry like a lil biotch, you'll think of me and kick him again. then you'll reach under the bathroom sink cabinet and get that tidy bowl and tell him he better get to lickin up that blood right quick before you really get mad.

    ohhh I know you would beat him till evan came home from school. then you'd be forced to let him go so as to not make a bad example for the boy. I know the things we do for our kids..

    you'd probably snatch a knot in lil amy crackhead's ass... oops I mean her head. cause she does not have an ass. sometimes I forget.
    you think that thing ontop of her shoulders, must be an ass the way she uses it. smdh.

    and you had the nerve to ask for comments when you know angry black women like me are stalkin.

  2. I do feel for Amy Winehouse. I wish she could find help from somewhere.

  3. Ause - I like my men older than me. I'm too young to be a cougar!

    Musing - It would be nice to get some new music from her, but you can't help somebody who doesn't want to be helped.


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