Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cornbread Festival 2009

Cornbread Festival

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hursday morning, Mommy Dearest came to my house.

MD - Listen...

No good conversation with her ever starts with "Listen".

She - Listen, we need to take Evan to the Cornbread Festival
Me - I ---
She - I don't want to go either. My ankle is hurting and my eyes and my chest.
Me - I've been vomiting and sweating since yesterday!
She - We didn't go last year
Me - He probably doesn't even know anything about it
She - Those kids at school are talking about it, and tonight is buddy night so 2 people ride for the price of one.
Me - JKLF*)(#*$JKLFJS*)($ER
She - If it is raining by 5, we won't go
Me - So I'll pray for rain.

Luckily, it was raining on South Pittsburg by 5 pm, so we didn't have to go.

Friday Evan comes home and says:

E - Guess what today is.
Me - Friday
E - Guess what today and tomorrow and Sunday is
Me - The weekend.
E - The Cornbread Festival
Me - Oh.

So my mother calls me @ 4pm and says we're going at 6 pm.




We went. I rode the Ferris Wheel. Evan rode different stuff. I got my Funnel Cake ($5!!!!), MD & Evan shared a Chicken on a Stick & a Funnel Cake and we left. Here are the pictures I took.

Cornbread Festival Fireball
Evan is in that Fireball Ride in the very back. Of course, I don't remember which is front or back, but I tried to take a picture of him. Look for a red shirt, LOL.
Top of the ferris Wheel

I took this picture at the top of the Ferris Wheel.

Top of the Ferris Wheel 2

This one too. :-)

Strawberry Funnel Cake

This is the only good reason to go to the Cornbread Festival when I don't even eat cornbread! Funnel Cake. Yummy.

Ferris Wheel at night

That is all. Now I don't have to go to a crowded effing place with rocks on the ground making it hard to get my walker over them (parents were carrying their strollers) for another freaking year!

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