Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Took Mommy Dearest out for her B.Day Lunch


t's a month late, but February is car insurance month so whatever.

She wanted to go to Western Sizzlin because they have awesome cinnamon rolls there.

I asked her to bring me one (1)

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So of course she came back with 4 because they were smaller than usual.

At least, that was her reasoning.

So after she'd eaten 2 she asked me if I was going to eat the last one.
Me - NO! *Staring her down*

So she ate the last one. Then complained about her stomach hurting.


She always does that. Her eyes are bigger than her stomach. The last time she went, they didn't have the cinnamon rolls, so she's been thinking about them for 3 weeks or something, LOL.

Anyway, here are the High Fives from the last 2 weeks or whatever because I don't want to end up with 50 on Friday.

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Russ for Blind Date Gone Bad
Daddy Papersurfer for A Man of Letters
The Artfull Bras Project
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Dadnology for Candy Detox
Skirmisher for David Mach’s “How To Make Matchsticks Cost Thousands Of Dollars”
House is Right for Hugh Laurie Was Master of Ceremonies
Makes You Laugh forWacky Signs
My Random Blog for How To Keep Me From Punching You
Nothing Off Limits for What if Facebook were Real Life?
Now playing: Rhianna - Rehab

That is all. Enjoy. :-)
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  1. From the sound of it, these cinnamon rolls seem to be very yummy. I wish I can have a bite of it. :)

  2. BK - The are soooooo good. They just need raisins to make them perfect.

  3. Those look so good right now! I am going to stop at my local bakery after work today and see if they have any fresh ones. Regards!

  4. Raisins in cinnamon rolls are just the right touch, don't you think?

    Much better than 3 year old fruitcake, I say.

    Or bananas and onions on scraped burnt toast. But EVERYONE scrapes their burnt toast so that doesn't even need to be said.

    I think there should be a contest to see who can make the largest single cinnamon roll. And I think Evan's gran should make you eat it. But who cares what I think. You've said as much before...

  5. Background - Well, how were they?

    Max - Bananas AND onions? Ew.

    MD can no longer make me eat something I don't want to eat! :-)

  6. Oh, man! There was a Western Sizzlin' in my college town. It's been years, but I don't remember cinnamon rolls. And I'm pretty sure I WOULD have remembered them, if they'd been there. All I know is back then I could eat whatever I wanted.

  7. I found you on Fuel My Blog. I like your blog. I really like those cinnamon rolls. I have not had any from there in a couple of years. I am just over the mountain In Georgia! My dad was from Stevenson.

  8. oooh....look at those lovely cinna-buns. I bet they taste great as well. Such a classic!

  9. JD - Maybe it's a relatively new thing. They're on the dessert bar.

    Celeste - Thanks! Your dad wasn't far from me. I lived in Stevenson when I first moved to the south.

    Marjie - They're awesome!


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